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Autonomous goods transport by 2030

IMIAT (Innovation-hub Mobility on Implementation Automated Transport) is a project uniting technology companies, knowledge institutions and players active on the transport market; parties that strive for progress in terms of Connected & Automated Transport (CAT). IMIAT aims for autonomous goods transport by 2030, making The Netherlands leader in the implementation of CAT.

Why? Because CAT allows for faster, cheaper and more durable movement of goods. Less time is lost in traffic jams, labour costs are reduced, the use of existing road networks is optimised (as driving and resting times no longer play a role) and road safety is improved (as the number of accidents caused by human error is reduced).

Several of these benefits can additionally be achieved by means of the innovative Super EcoCombi (formerly called the Duo trailer concept by Ewals Cargo Care). Hence, as a Next Generation Logistics player, Ewals is eager to participate in this innovative project and represent the transport sector. Read a recent publication and learn more!

7 april 2021