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Let’s support in balancing logistics volumes and capacity!

The logistics branch, like many others, is hit by the consequences of the Coronavirus. Volumes are instable – they drop, increase, become less regular,… – and so is capacity in terms of trucks. Each shipper and logistics player experiences different effects and finding the balance across supply chains is – more than ever – the challenge. But challenges lead to opportunities! They make room for strengthened and new collaborations.

Dialogue is the key to understand each other’s needs and offer. We can offer reliability and flexibility at the same time through our European Multimodal Network driven by 3.700 own Mega Huckepack XL(S) trailers. A wide range of short-sea and rail connections are available to provide you alternative routings. We are especially known for our transport flows to and from the UK, by ferry and by Eurotunnel. Nowadays, unaccompanied transports (i.e. with trailers going solo, without a truck and driver) offer great opportunities to prevent the spreading of the virus between the UK and the continent. While certain industries are obliged to organise a winter sleep in the early spring, others are experiencing the opposite. Regardless of the industry you are active in, we are able to support you with your logistics challenges!

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Dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus

In just a few weeks in which Europe is being confronted with the spreading of the Coronavirus, the world has changed significantly. The situation is changing by the hour and people are looking for ways to arrange their lives accordingly. And, so are companies!

1 april 2020