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Dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus

In just a few weeks in which Europe is being confronted with the spreading of the Coronavirus, the world has changed significantly. We see all sorts of measures by national authorities that aim to fight the steep increase in infected people, ranging from cancelled events; to closed bars, restaurants and now even schools and companies; people that are required to stay at home; and border controls. The situation is changing by the hour and people are looking for ways to arrange their lives accordingly. And, so are companies!

Our people & our customers

At Ewals Cargo Care, a project team representing the different areas of our business is constantly on top of the evolutions. Actions are taken in light of the wellbeing of our employees (both on and off the road) and the continuity of our service towards our customers.

Wellbeing of our employees

All employees have been informed which symptoms to pay attention to and how to act in case of (suspicion of) infection, how to watch over their own personal hygiene and what to do in terms of social distancing. Working at home is highly stimulated. Teams that are most effective when (physically) working closely together are partly at the office (adhering to the measures in terms of social distancing) and partly operating at home (this way also creating back-up mechanisms and thus operational continuity). We’re happy (but not surprised) to see that colleagues from the same team that now are separated into the ones that work remotely at home and the ones that are in the office remain highly successful in their cooperation!

In the early stages of the spreading of the virus in The Netherlands, we’ve been confronted with two cases at our head office in Tegelen. In line with the measures of our project team, both persons immediately stayed home (in quarantine) and were followed up by the relevant national institutes (i.e. the Dutch GGD). These institutes confirmed that chances were minimal that these persons could have infected any colleagues. Still, all people that had been in contact with them were contacted and informed how to act. No further colleagues tested positive for the Coronavirus after that, so we (carefully) say that our internal measures that apply for all offices seem to be paying off.

Continuity of our service

While people are looking for ways to organise their private lives and business set-ups at work are changing, our activities themselves need to continue. The logistics branch is severely impacted by all societal and economic developments. On the one hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to foresee the right capacity (of trucks) at the right location in Europe (because of border controls, risks of infection for drivers in certain areas,…). On the other hand, volumes are dropping as companies are stopping or slowing down the activities at certain sites. Balancing capacity and volumes has become quite a challenge.


Nevertheless, we are confident that our service towards our customer will continue. We build upon our Multimodal Network in combination with our local expertise and robust set of partners. Solutions can be found in the use of different modalities and – even more detailed – in the available alternatives per modality which we can offer as a multiport provider. This means we have the option to route your shipments on our trailers via different short-sea and rail terminals.

Towards all stakeholders, ranging from employees to customers and partners, we would like to call for cooperation and empathy. For efficient but – at the same time – still safe and healthy interactions. For a strong joint force in these challenging times. Dialogue is key; communication is the solution

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) moving within Europe

The Ewals Group is monitoring the evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus on a day-to-day basis.

24 maart 2020