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Ewals embraces game-based learning

To make the onboarding of new employees more interactive and fun, a group of delegates of our Young Potential Programme (YPP) developed a virtual Ewals escape room together with our e-learning expert.

The Ewals escape room is a digital representation of a room located at our head office in Tegelen. Unlike real escape rooms, there is no time limit. This was a conscious decision in order to optimise the transfer of knowledge and facilitate the best learning circumstances. This is in line with our Professionals to Lead programme, in which exploratory and activated learning is stimulated.

Employees need to solve puzzles; varying from a suitcase, from which the combination lock code needs to be retrieved, to a weight scale that needs to be balanced. In their quest trying to solve the puzzles they will learn more about the Ewals organisation. They gradually unlock various objects which play an important part in their further escape.

The Ewals escape room facilitates informal learning in the work environment. Game-based learning is a proven concept for successful knowledge transfer but moreover it is a fun way to get an impression of the organisation and its history.

26 juli 2018