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Expanding locally

Two words, that are rarely used in combination, perfectly describe the approach Ewals Cargo Care has chosen to increase our presence across Europe. We believe in the strength of local knowledge and expertise when working together with our customers and partners. This is represented by the recently opened offices across Europe.

Since a couple of months, we’ve started in Porto (Portugal). Our ambition there is threefold: developing the corridor to Rotterdam, further unlocking the domestic Iberian (FTL and LTL) market and attracting local trucking partners. The latter, partnering with local trucking companies, is furthermore the main activity of our new location in Klaipéda (Lithuania). Finally, the office in Immingham (United Kingdom), was opened to further develop and  strengthen our LTL network from and to the United Kingdom and to support in servicing the Irish market.

Together with our earlier start in Zagreb (Croatia), we’re now extending  our activities up to the geographical boundaries of Europe to be able to provide our customers with an increased geopgraphical coverage and to build new partnerships (in line with our ‘Communities to Build’ programme).

12 september 2018