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Creating awareness for the truck driver's blind spot

This morning we demonstrated the truck driver's blind spot in the city center of Maastricht (The Netherlands). The goal was to give children insight in the danger of the dead angle and show them what a driver can and particularly what he can’t see when driving a truck. This was a collaborate initiative of a social organisation committed to road safety, the Montessori school in Maastricht, together with Ewals Cargo Care.

After learning the theoretical part at school, the dead angle was demonstrated to the children by an Ewals Cargo Care driver. "I enjoyed giving a demonstration to these young, highly inquisitive road users," said driver Math who has been a truck driver for fifty years.

The children (from the age of 10 to 12) were allowed to sit in the cab of the truck, to see for themselves how little a truck driver can see in the blind spot.  By standing next to the impressive big wheels, they realized the great danger and life threatening situation. They were also very eager to sit in the driver's seat and enthusiastically climbed the truck and looked inside the trailer. So overall it was a fun, but especially educational morning for everyone.

15 mei 2018