Ewals Cargo Care CZ contributes to European Union school project

After seeing a request on Facebook from a Belgian primary school teacher, Ewals Cargo Care CZ decided to contribute to a school project in Belgium. The teacher and students from Diepenbeek’s school were working on a project on the European Union.

Two boys had to work on a topic regarding the Czech Republic. The task was to ask people with the help of the social network to send letters and postcards with characteristics of the given country and in the original language.

Since the school is located on a lane of regular shipments organized by the transport department in Ceska Lipa, Ewals Cargo Care CZ decided to participate and contacted the teacher directly. She was very excited by the idea of bringing a bit of the Czech Republic to their school.

Our experienced driver Mr. Jiri Ruzicka visited the school and enabled the children to have a close up look at the truck and trailer. He told them a bit about his work and finally handed over small presents and a book with pictures of the Czech Republic. The extraordinary event left a positive impression, especially for the two boys who definitely got an A+.

9 januari 2017