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Job shadowing a truck driver

Recently trainee Jeroen Luth drove along with our driver Ad for one week. Jeroen is 15 years old and his dream is to be a  truck driver. After several rejections to follow an internship on a truck, his quest brought him to Ewals Cargo Care. Of course Ewals welcomed him to join our truck driver for a week, because young people are the future of our industry. Jeroen shares his experience of his week on the truck:

I had a very nice time in which I learned a lot and gained many new experiences.

Jeroen really liked the experience and after this week he enthusiastically said: “After this job orienting internship, I definitely want to be a truck driver!” We wish Jeroen lots of success with his education and maybe we will see him again in a few years!


"It was good to see that there are many different things involved in the job of a driver. I noticed that there is also a lot of paperwork, such as filling out which cargo you are transporting, at what time you arrive and depart at a customer, and the weight of your load. During my internship I could help with various things like securing the trailer with the landing legs, loosening and fixing the buckles to secure the curtain, closing the doors of the trailer and rolling up the span sets. "

30 november 2016