Warehouse on Wheels at VDL Nedcar

As an independent car manufacturer that produces vehicles for third parties, VDL Nedcar has high standards for partners that play a part in the production process. With a production capacity of around 200.000 vehicles per year, the just-in-sequence technology demands a high degree of reliability and know-how of the involved logistics parties. Working together since 1992, Ewals Cargo Care and VDL Nedcar have developed a cooperation in which the highest standards are pursued, every day.

We chose Ewals Cargo Care as one of our partners, because they can ensure the quality and reliability we need and have the capacity for the Warehouse on Wheels concept. Logistics Manager, VDL Nedcar

VDL Nedcar has developed a logistics planning system, called the ‘Pearl Chain’ concept, where all the necessary parts are planned and followed-up from order to delivery.  

A call-off order for the required parts is sent at exactly the right time to VDL Nedcars Warehouse on Wheels: Flexible warehousing, which is accessible when needed to ensure consistently high efficiency throughout the building process and reduce inventory costs. 

1 februari 2018